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Who We Are

The MS/MRI Research Group is focused on developing better trial methodologies to improve the lives of people with neurological diseases. Our motto is “excellence without compromise”.

Since 1988 the MS/MRI Research Group has been the central Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) analysis laboratory for over 25 multi-centre, international clinical trials. One of our many projects was the pivotal interferon β-1b (Betaseron®, Berlex) trial in relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis. Results from this landmark study established MRI as a key trial endpoint, providing the objective confirmatory evidence that led to product approval by the US Food and Drug Administration as the first effective treatment of MS.

We have been on the leading edge of MRI image analysis since the beginning. Innovative techniques we have developed include filmless activity analysis and semi-automated lesion load and brain volumetric measures.

MS/MRI is a multi-disciplinary group of neurologists, radiologists, computer programmers, statisticians and scientists working together to design MRI protocols for use in phase I, II, III and IV multicenter clinical trials in MS.

Our Services

The MS/MRI Research Group ensures data and analysis that is accurate and reproducible. All activities are conducted in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures. We maintain strict controls on blinding for all studies, thus preserving objectivity in the results. We maintain rigorous quality control, extensive data back up procedures and comprehensive site training. These practices ensure that our clients have confidence in the data we obtain and the measurements we produce.

Our clients benefit from our commitment to sharing knowledge. By working with local and international MRI imaging groups, physicists, neuroscientists and neuropathologists, the MS/MRI Research Group is continually improving its techniques and understanding of MS using MRI.

We provide consultation on study design and feasibility along with a full range of central MRI analysis services, including:

  • New lesion activity analysis (new T2, enlarging T2, gadolinium enhancing lesions)
  • Total lesion burden of disease (T2 volume)
  • Brain and cervical cord volume (atrophy analysis)
  • Chronic T1 black hole analysis
  • Advanced MR techniques including T2 relaxation (myelin water imaging), spectroscopy (MRS), and magnetization transfer (MT)

The fields of MS and MRI are constantly evolving, and we are evolving along with them. Please contact us to discuss specific needs or interests.

Our Research

As our name suggests, The MS/MRI Research Group is committed to research. See our published research for more information.

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